It never fails. I go to Costco to get toilet paper (Kirkland is my favorite brand) or peanut-butter filled pretzels, and I walk out with a case of wine. Never fails.

I recently purchased several bottles of inexpensive rose’ wines to check out. I buy wines in all price ranges; sometimes it’s worth spending a bit more on something you love or that is harder to find. But I don’t really want to pay a lot for rose’ wines. If a rose’ wine is over $20, it better be pretty special.

Here’s my take on some of the rose’ wines from Costco.

Favorites were Sokol Blosser’s rose’ for $17. Nice citrus, under-ripe strawberry and herbal notes from this rose’ of Pinot Noir. Bright and refreshing. I love wines from Oregon!

Also enjoyed Costco’s Kirkland Cotes de Provence for $9. $9!! Strawberry and lime and herbal notes…kind of like a strawberry sweet-tart.I totally agree with Reverse Wine Snob on this one!

And the Louis Jadot rose’ for $10. Nice floral, apple and strawberry notes. Think cranapple and raspberry with Jolly Rancher tartness.Bright, crisp, refreshing. More please.

The Rosaline ($12) with the glass bottle closure (I am a sucker for these!) was just ok. Had nice berry and lime notes but it was a little astringent on the finish.

Same with the Domaine de Tamary ($11) – just too bitter on the finish for my taste.

Cheers,  Denise

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